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You can find information about the cooperative association and its activities in conjunction with the goods train line between Antwerpen (B) and Duisburg (D), which is also referred to as the 'Iron Rhine’. A broad range of social organisations are represented in the cooperative association, i.e. the Dutch local authorities along the route of the Iron Rhine (Cranendonck, Weert, Leudal, Roermond and Roerdalen), the province of Limburg, ‘Staatsbosbeheer’ (the state forest administration), the environmental foundation ‘Stichting Milieufederatie Limburg’ as well as the Kamer van Koophandel Limburg-Noord (is equivalent to a British chamber of industry and commerce). These organisations jointly work to prevent the renewed use of the historical Iron Rhine line.
The route passes through the Netherlands through the south eastern part of Noord-Brabant and central Limburg, past villages, through cities and nature reserves. If intensively used for the transportation of goods this railway line leads to considerable disturbances, by means of which the quality of life, security and accessibility of the aforementioned regions could be seriously disrupted. The disadvantages of a reactivation of the historical line are unacceptable in the Netherlands, Belgium and also in Germany.
The cooperative association is nevertheless of the opinion that Antwerpen and Duisburg deserve a permanent rail connection with a secure future. However, the solution for this cannot amount to the modernisation of a railway line that is more than one hundred years old. This is because the course it takes is unfavourable and it can never meet the transportation demands of the future. Against this backdrop the cooperative association also opposes the reactivation of the line.
In view of the fact that the Iron Rhine is an international railway line, the cooperative association is also seeking contact with politicians and (citizens') organisations abroad, particularly in Belgium and Germany, to explain and discuss its positions. Even though they have been able to establish numerous contacts over the years, new contacts are always most welcome.
Unfortunately we can only offer the information on this website in Dutch. However, if you should want to find out more then please use the contact form to get into contact with the editorial department in Dutch, German or English. (We have a basic knowledge of French). We will be happy to contact you if required. If you want to continue surfing on this website we wish you an interesting read and hope that we can provide you with the information you are looking for.
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